About Time Capsule Education

With twenty years of teaching experience and over forty years of recreating history, Time Capsule Education aims to provide events that engage, entertain and educate.

Time Capsule Education’s products have been developed in primary schools by primary teachers. Their focus is to involve both children and teachers for we believe a young writer needs some experiences before starting to write. Without those experiences you only get superficial results; if you aren’t intrigued you are unlikely to engage with the writing and enjoy the process. How can an eight year old write about a pirate ship chase unless they have experienced one and have collected the relevant vocabulary? How can an eleven year old write about being a spy unless they have gone on a spying mission, evaded the bad guy and cracked a safe? All Time Capsule Education experiences involve immersing both teacher and pupils in the world in which they are set to give everyone a stimulus and desire to write.

The Time Capsule Education Team

Tim Eagling

Tim has twenty years of experience teaching in primary schools. He is a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) with specialisms in creative writing and creative curriculum design.  He runs courses for newly qualified  and recently qualified teachers focusing especially in creativity and improving writing.

Tim has been able to take the creative writing projects he has developed over the last twelve years and turn them into exciting projects that can be used in schools all across the country. Tim is a historical interpreter and re-enactor and particularly enjoys recreating life in the 18th, 16th and 15th Centuries. It was in the 15th Century that he met Jon.

Jon Terris

Jon has been involved with historical recreation for more than 25 years, and for the past fifteen years has been going into schools as part of a team to bring the Middle Ages to life. At one time or another Jon has been  involved in re-enactment from the 9th to the 20th Century, a proper time traveller.

Jon has many strings to his bow; he is an electrician and a lighting and effects expert. He makes armour and is a qualified timber framer so it is not surprising to discover that Jon is the creator of many of the large props, games and devices that Time Capsule Education use in our immersive experiences for creative writing.