Creative Writing Adventures

If you can enjoy the writing process, it becomes so much easier. We offer a range of Creative Writing Adventures – writing projects which immerse you and your pupils in a given genre. Making them confident to write and allowing them to enjoy the process.

Operation Ingenious – Spying on Le Strange Hall

A Creative Writing Adventure is much more than a fun day in school. With each project we provide a variety of follow up resources, in most cases there is at least half a term’s worth of English work.

Castle Courageous – Erasmus the shop keeper

Each Creative Writing Adventure involves workshops with our team to bring alive the world, story or event that it focuses on. Each project equips the children with a story or enough information so they will not be stuck when it comes to putting pen to paper.

Beowulf meets King Hrothgar

A Creative Writing Adventure supports Narrative and many forms of Non-Fiction writing as well. They are an excellent way to help your pupils develop exciting writing. There are many opportunities to link other curriculum areas to the writing helping you to connect your pupils’ learning.

Stand & Deliver!

Creative Writing Adventures cover many genres currently we offer:

  • Castle Courageous – Imaginary Worlds (KS2)
  • Resilience – Pirates (KS1or2)
  • Endeavour – Science Fiction (KS2 or3)
  • Operation Ingenious – Secret Agents (KS2or3)
  • Treason – Historical Stories (Tudors) (KS2or3)
  • Humbug! – A Christmas Carol (KS2or3)
  • Survivor Diaries – Post Apocalypse (KS2or3)
  • Dragons Hunters (KS1or2)
  • Fairy Hunters (KS1)
  • Monster Hunters (KS2or3)
  • The Highwayman (KS2)
  • Beowulf (KS2)
A Red Wing Fairy

Thank you so much for a fantastic day, the children are so excited and they cheered yesterday when they saw we had English in the longer morning lesson. Even my own daughter who struggles to write is enthused as I found her writing her story plans in her bedroom last night – this is unheard of as she finds anything to do with writing very difficult.  Mrs Suffling Kingsmoor Lower School

Monster Hunting Equipment